The following testimonials are taken from letters I’ve received from actual satisfied clients and are shared with full approval and permission from all individuals.

I cannot even begin to describe what an AWESOME spiritual coach and mentor Martha Reed is! I have had difficulty trusting people in the past, and Martha is one of the few people I trust fully. She is supportive, kind, caring, gentle, stable, nurturing, helpful and respectful. She follows through on her promises and is an excellent listener. Her spiritual gifts are amazing and I love how she helps me uncover the highest and best choices for me and all involved. Martha is a tremendous guide for me on my spiritual path. We have worked together for about 9 months on a weekly basis, and I am so thankful for all she has given me. I have navigated though some rocky waters in my personal and professional life this year and she has been with me every step of the way. Martha goes above and beyond for her clients; she has been available at very short notice when I need her and provides space for me to share and grow. I am so grateful for Martha Reed and highly recommend her and her services!-Jaime Pfeffer, Beverly Hills, MI

The Dragonfly Effect

“Hello, Martha. I simply had to share with you all the good that is going on in my life. My Ex moved out. Shortly after that, I met a man. You told me that my Ex was in my husband’s place in my bed and that I was waiting for my soldier to come home. You have powers woman. The man I met was in the Air Force and he is a wonderful match for me. I have longed for a friendship that would grow into something deeper and I have found it with this man. I feel completely blessed to have encountered him in my life.

“I feel so fortunate to have met you, Martha. My life today is 100 times better than it was when I first came to see. I lost 30 pounds with your H-HCG program and continue to keep it off. I love being healthy again. I went from a size 10 to size 6 and sometimes a 4. I have excelled in my job. Created space for love in my life, and feel like my old self again…only better! I have begun to give myself what I deserve in life and no longer settle for less than what I truly want and desire. Thank you so much for your direction and spiritual guidance. You have taught me how to take care of myself again and renew my passion in life. I continue to use my Courage Flower Essence and Heart Chakra drops daily. They are working, big time!”
Peace and joy… / Phoenix, Az

“I am sure that some people will be skeptical – but they should know by now, that you are a woman of your word. I dropped 30lbs, 4 inches off my gut, 2 inches off my waist, and an inch off my neck – in only 2 weeks (insert the disclaimer, these results are not typical) but they are true! I have more to lose, but your program has been the most successful I have ever tried – and your Hypnosis audio makes all the difference!”
Joe / California

“Sooooooo glad we worked together on this Martha …… down 6 dress sizes ……….. since Jan 2011 so much gratitude/ smiles & hugs”
Judie / Arizona

“Martha Reed is a genius. Her insight into the power of holistic healing and the ability to tap into one’s own strength is beautiful. From the first time we talked I knew she had the ability to connect with what matters most. If you are thinking about working with Martha I highly recommend it. She has the knowledge to help you change your life.”
Woody Woodward / Film-maker, Author, Success Strategist

“I took Martha Reed’s class for Hypnosis and I feel absolutely transformed! Martha’s teachings were insightful and had a profound impact in my learning process. I feel completely ready to help those who may come to me. I’m excited about my future in Hypnotherapy.”
Stacey Bennett / Surprise, AZ

The Dragonfly Effect Coaching Program

I met Martha during my time of need, while going through a relationship breakup. Martha spent a lot of time with me, always being very understanding, caring, yet realistic. She helped me overcome the hurdles I was experiencing, which allowed me to regain my inner strength, and move on. I was always able to ‘feel’ Martha’s positive energy flow through in her conversation and her thoughts. I have recommended her a number of times, and will continue to do so.” Joyce / Glendale, AZ

“After many different exercise and food programs, I have already lost 13 pounds with Martha in less than a month, Oral HCG and Hypnosis is wonderful. I am now more confident in how I look and the peace I feel inside is amazing. This new confidence will help me reach my goals and maintain them along with choosing the right foods to eat and daily exercise.” Karen / Phoenix, AZ

“It has been a blessing to have Martha’s insight in my relationship with others. Her intuition has gently guided me to the center of the matter and in turn has helped me to see my relationships with family more clearly. This understanding has brought a more loving sense of calm and peace in my life.” Karen W. / Phoenix, AZ

“I have had the pleasure of receiving inspiration from Martha. Since losing 30 pounds and keeping it off for over a year I feel her methods are now tried and true and have changed my life. Hypnosis Rocks!” From a believer

“I was literally stuck in a relationship for several years that I knew did not serve me and although I was very much in love with this person, it was a lonely, sad place to be on many levels. I simply didn’t know what to do. Martha not only helped me to understand the value of the relationship as well as the damage it was creating by staying in it, but also how to gracefully leave and to honor the experience and lessons it brought to me. It has been 6 months since I ended this 10-year relationship & due to the clarity, guidance and inspiration from Martha, I feel more free and at peace than I have in decades! Thank you Martha for helping me out of the muck, back onto my feet and into the flow of love and life!” Scottsdale, AZ

“I had a problem with IBS which caused severe constipation. I saw Martha and had instant relief. My life has been great since I began treatment. Martha is patient, kind and understanding, she made me feel safe and I was very comfortable with her. Martha Reed is the BEST!” Marie / Buckeye, AZ

The Dragonfly Effect Coaching Program

“I have been offering Dr. Reed’s ‘Forever Thin’ Hypnosis CD with all my Homeopathic HCG Weight Loss Management Program clients. My clients comment how the CD has eased the difficulty of staying on this weight loss program and allowed them to reach their goals. I, as well as my clients, have found the benefits of using this CD has greatly enhanced the effectiveness of dealing with the emotional issues that surround weight management. Thank you Martha for such a wonderful CD!” Debra Manning RN LAc / Rejuvenate!! Center / Phoenix, AZ

“A few years ago, I was in a pattern of negativity and self limitation. I couldn’t break out and achieve a true change in my life despite many personal attempts. Working with Martha provided me with the insight to those patterns. I achieved inner change using her Hypnosis and Life Coaching sessions. Now, I have more inner peace and self assurance in order to progress thru any aspect in my life and I see true progress. It is amazing how changing your self changes your world.” Kristine V. / Glendale, AZ

“Martha’s gifts are intuitive, caring and loving. I would recommend anyone under her care. She is truly living and working her passion. You will go deep into awareness when you work with her and achieve great results.” Tina G. / Glendale, AZ

“Dr. Martha’s presence has had such a profound impact on my life.”

“You exceeded even my ego’s most calculated expectations…”

“Martha Reed is a genius. Her insight into the power of holistic healing and the ability to tap into one’s own strength is beautiful. From the first time we talked I knew she had the ability to connect with what matters most. If you are thinking about working with Martha I highly recommend it. She has the knowledge to help you change your life.” Woody Woodward / Film-maker, Author, Success Strategist

 “Thank you for the masterful way that you presented the material.”
“There are no limits on my dreams…”

“….As for myself, I write to you in sincere gratitude for the lessons and for the loving reminders. I did see many real and metaphorical Dragonflies in many different places. The greatest Dragonfly of all was the one I saw in me. So as I transformed in the past 7 months, I am more confident to spread my wings and join in the joyful dance of my life. All is possible! There are no limits on my dreams and desires and I am humbled and grateful.” Sandy

“…..I guess I wasn’t taking the experiment too seriously. I was a bit skeptical because the number of dragonflies I had seen this summer had declined after many of the flowers they had come to were gone. I did get excited on my daily walks when I would spot an occasional one here and there. I did experience a huge miracle though. My girlfriends and I went away for a retreat in Sedona, AZ this past weekend. I never have seen so many Dragonflies! Even more than I could count. They followed us for long walks dancing along the creek. In spite of my doubts, they manifested beyond my wildest dreams. I have total confidence now that I can manifest anything in my life in the same exact way. This was a wonderful weekend I’ll never forget.”  Thank you for your inspiration! Judi

The Dragonfly Effect Coaching Program

A Few Brief Testimonials

Martha, Thanks for the push forward. You made me know that I make a difference. You are a light for many.

Dear Martha, You know you are a very special person for me – you have given me gifts and insight that I will always cherish and hold close to my heart. Donald

Martha, Your book “Initiative” is very inspirational. I am glad that we have knowledgeable people like you to push others to believe in themselves. I wanted to say thank you. Sincerely, Karen