Hva kan denne testen fortelle deg?

VelkommenColor Personality Test – $60

This test describes and tells you about all your seven energies and this test is comprehensive and detailed. It will tell you, in points, how much energy you have in each energy center, and you will get a lot of information that you can print out.

Your answers will give you a Color Energy diploma to print out; and you can go further to find out which energy is your main energy, which color energy is your weakest, and you can go even further to find out what color means.

Your available energy has a great impact on your personality, how you are as a person and what possibilities you have. You can also learn how to strengthen your energies and how to get a stronger personality. It may also be a good tool when you are about to choose your partner in life, as not everyone is right for you. Some people may simply not suit you.

It will tell you what types of energy that govern your thoughts. Are you a mental person or an emotional person? Or maybe you are a strong, physical person? Or are you a strong, spiritual person with an intelligence that has not been put to use? Take a test and find out!

To receive your token number a fee of $60.00 is required.

Bestill test

After payment is received, you will receive an email with your token number and complete instructions. To complete the Colour Energy Personality Test, you will go online to http://www.colourenergy.com/questions/. It is on the first page that your token number is entered. Once a token has been used it cannot be reused.

Please read the instructions before starting the test or entering your token number.

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