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You do NOT have to be sick to benefit from PSE! In fact, its much better to be proactive & treat yourself before health issues arise.

We all have trauma that is stuffed and grows over the years…some people just have more/worse trauma than others. I truly feel like everyone can benefit from this method, this healing method really does get to the root of the issue rather than just cover up symptoms. conflict

PSE is used to help:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Addiction
  • Depression
  • vitality & well-being
  • OCD & ADD spectrums
  • functional biology
  • negative thought forms and patterns
  • and much more!

I am often asked if one needs to be sick or suffering to benefit. The answer is absolutely not, conflicts show up in many ways and are an accumulation of cellular imprints creating imbalance in our emotions, thoughts and feelings. Balancing out the energy field before it becomes an major issue is ideal. I have both my girls (one a HS freshman and the other a College freshman) on the program and both remark at what a difference it has already made in the way they feel AND even ask me to retest when they are ready for their next remedy.

 Testing is pain less, and done using the Reba Test Device which identifies the specific homeopathic remedies that you need to provoke PERMANENT release of hidden emotional conflicts!

To learn more watch please this short video link that highlights the PSE technique that I am using with clients.

PSE truly allows one to heal from the inside out!

Psychosomatic Energetics (psycho – mind, soma – body: PSE) is a revolutionary modality based upon research that examined centuries-old chakra and aura theories in the modern context of the new horizons of biophysics and homeopathic treatment developments. German physician and researcher, Dr. Reimar Banis, developed technology that could be utilized in a clinical setting to identify and correct those energetic influences in the body believed to be causal in disease, healing and wellness. Dr. Banis found that in the context of PSE, traumata (referred to as conflict) that cannot be processed by the patient, is repressed and becomes stored in the human subtle energy field. Here it leads an energetic life of its own, somewhat like an intestinal parasite, depleting the host’s energy reserves and contributing to physical and/or mental disorders. Patients commonly first feel the conflict like a heavy load in the mind and physical body. Where the conflict is unresolved, the body may progressively acclimatize, coping with the energy depletion. Eventually patients can dissociate symptoms from the original cause and become accustomed to experiencing a new normal. Healers, shamans, counselors and therapists have, for centuries, spoken and written about the physical influence that unresolved emotional conflicts and lifestyle stressors impose upon the physical body. PSE research was undertaken to empower practitioners to achieve resolution of these complaints. PSE is now used worldwide. Hundreds of practitioners have been utilizing PSE in Europe over the past 15 years and have demonstrated the benefits delivered to many thousands of patients there. PSE was introduced to Canada 10 years ago and more recently, an initiative has been undertaken to re-launch this awareness in the U.S. practitioner community. The benefits of the Psychosomatic Energetics modality are best told by the patients.

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REBA PSE Testing (Psychosomatic Energetics)

86% success rate for depression, stress, anxiety disorders and trauma

A recent clinical study involved 10 German clinics (Townsend Letter Journal – May, 2011). 1,011 patient cases were tracked for over two years and an astounding 86 per cent success rate was reported for depression, stress, anxiety disorders and trauma. The North American toolbox is filled with psychotropic drugs – mood altering, often sedative and sometimes destructive. Motivated by evidence we have seen abroad, we are offering ‘a better way’ for patients and their doctors. When we apply the Swiss PSE methodology, we utilize a REBA device to verify and quantify the presence of an emotional or energetic disturbance. Measurements are charted and a practitioner can determine suitable action if required. The appropriate, non-toxic complex homeopathic is selected from among 33 available combinations and after eight to 12 weeks, the patient returns to confirm progress.

Article Healing the Mind Heals the Body

By Heather Schofield, BSc, DHMHS, HD What is true health in the broadest sense? It is not only a healthy body and mind, but above all, a free flowing life energy. Psychosomatic Energetics arose from the idea that the basis of genuine health is the harmonious interaction of the three most important components of our organism, namely the body (soma), the mind (psyche) and our life energy (energetics). With 20 years of research and study of modern German biophysics, Dr. Reimar Banis is considered to be one of the world’s leading figures in energy medicine. It is of firm conviction from his experience in daily practise that energy blocks, due to emotional conflicts, are the primary cause of interpersonal problems and the majority of diseases. His revolutionary natural healing method combines ancient knowledge with modern medicine and psychology. This method is backed by body-mind science that has been extensively researched and documented through the discipline of psychoneuroimmunology. Psychoneuroimmunology has established that emotional health and the immune system are deeply interdependent. This makes sense. We know the immune and hormonal systems are influenced by the brain and nervous system. This clearly links the effects of stress and emotional trauma to a weakened immune system leading to slow healing, allergies, chronic infections and autoimmune conditions. How is Psychosomatic Energetics beneficial? It identifies and addresses unresolved emotional issues, which in turn resolve the physical, emotional and mental symptoms related to the issue. In addition, stress and anxiety are reduced, increased energy on the physical, mental and emotional levels is experienced, the body is better able to detoxify and homeostasis is brought back into balance. In a greater sense, PSE provides an avenue to attain greater self-knowledge and to learn how to understand others better, becoming healthier and happier in the process. Psychosomatic Energetics is backed by clinical research with well documented patient benefits. A recent clinical study published by the Swiss Journal for Complimentary Medicine reports an 86% success rate in 936 cases treating physical and mental/emotional complaints. Heal the mind and you can heal the body.

What is the meaning of the Chakras in respect to psychology?

Adaptation of an article by Ulrike Banis, MD, ND Psychosomatic conditions are characterized by complaints without conventional explanation, with patients frequently diagnosed with a ‘somatopsychic disorder’, however this does not lead to treatment. Fortunately, ‘Psychosomatic Energetics’ helps the patient better understand what is making them ill and provides a pathway for effective treatment. The body’s energy centres, based on the study of chakras from ancient India, equate well with the body’s autonomic centres as well as the hormonal glands of the endocrine system. Besides performing physiological functions, the chakras are also responsible for certain psychological and energetic roles in the body. Chakra 1 represents connection. When we are children, we need to have primary trust in life, and feel welcome in the world and within our families. Experiencing trauma at an early age can lead to emotional conflicts that become stored in the 1st chakra. These conflicts indicate a lack of trust and a sense of not feeling grounded. In order to express these feelings, symptoms arise in the uterus, ovaries, prostate, bladder, vagina or hips and legs with associated conditions including chronic enlarged prostate, vaginal infections or leg ulcers. Chakra 2 teaches us how to deal with our own strength, courage and stress. We have to learn to use our power wisely, not always going beyond our boundaries. The organs that speak to us on this level are: the intestines, lower back, kidneys (that react to our fears) and the adrenals that produce stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. Chakra 3 is reflective of our need to learn to identify (digest and assimilate) what is useful and what is harmful; and to be able to let go (excrete) of these negative emotions that result in pain, grief, or anger. The emotions can be connected to allergies and addiction. The organs including the liver, gallbladder, stomach and pancreas produce symptoms including poor digestion from lack of digestive enzymes or high blood sugar. Chakra 4 is where the lungs, heart, thymus gland and breasts are located. The central energetic issue is trust, as trusting oneself, trusting others and trust in life. It is more than pure coincidence that heart attacks are one of the leading causes of death. While factors such as smoking, improper nutrition, being overweight and lack of exercise are causes, an overlooked factor is a feeling of anxiety leading to a ‘broken heart’. In addition, when our emotional immune system is affected, we can directly correlate the thymus gland to a weakened immune system and autoimmune conditions. Chakra 5 is related to communication, expressing ourselves and being honest. With the throat as a gateway to emotions, the ability to communicate represents how we present ourselves to the outside world and the ability to listen and understand others. The conflicts can hide behind symptoms like tonsillitis, hoarse throat, timidness or stage fright. It can also trigger malfunctions of the thyroid, and hormonal or metabolic conditions. Chakra 6 deals with finding a balance in one’s life, creativity, developing our intuition and coming to terms with others. We can find the conflicts behind symptoms like tinnitus, migraines, sleeping disorders, pain, soft tissue rheumatism or burnout syndrome. As the pituitary is the associated gland and acts as the hormonal conductor of the endocrine system, these conflicts can affect the balance of the endocrine system and many bodily functions. Chakra 7 relates to spiritual beliefs, our sense of life and sense of structure. Due to pace of change in life, many people find it increasingly difficult to cope with the world around them and their role in it. Numerous learning disabilities, neuroses, psychoses, family problems, addictions, and epilepsy are related, in addition to the overall homeostasis and the circadian rhythms of the body due to the connection with the hypothalamus. We need to positively change our patterns and deep-seated convictions in order to heal. With a broader understanding of the psychological meaning of psychosomatic symptoms, the practitioner is able to gain greater insight concerning patients’ conditions. Through energy testing with the REBA test device and using homeopathic remedies (Chavita and Emvita) these underlying conflicts can be addressed easily. Psychosomatic Energetic (PSE) is a new approach of treating and illness in a holistic fashion. Where as the human body and the soul are considered very important. Energies and the flow of energy between the body and the soul are known as Energetics. Blockage of energy is often the prime cause of disturbance in the metabolism and in some part of the body, which may lead to illness and numerous complaints. The Reba Test Device (Rubimed) It is a diagnostic device for testing the fours subtle energy levels Vital, Emotional, Mental and Causal. The Reba test devise is composed from polyfrequencies, a magnetic field and by using waves in order to confront the body with neutral-not vibrations .The Reba test device is used to measure the patients energy levels both in the quantity and quality Explanation of Energetic disorders We know from our daily life experience that body and soul are in communication with each other. But there are other functions of the body, which has no influence of willpower, sleep, temperature of the skin, hunger and (Hypertension) blood pressure. These functions except will power play a vital role in our body and determine what is going on in the body (system). The ANS (Automatic Nervous System) is in connection with every single part of the body and to certain energy center. Charkas (Energy Centre) are located on the mid-line of the body. Charkas are our energy centers. There are seven chakras (Energy Centers) and they are the openings for life energy to flow into and out of our aura. Their function is to vitalize the physical body and to bring about the development of our self-consciousness. They are associated with our physical, mental and emotional interactions. Chakras(Energy Centers) are denoted by colors. Hindu chakra rainbow color therapy system evolved, associating a specific color to each chakra or energy center: Root – red, Sacral – orange, Solar Plexus – yellow, Heart – green, Throat – blue, Third Eye – indigo and Crown – violet, creating an inner harmony. Mind Body Medicine & The Healing System of Psychosomatic Energetics In modern times we are faced with many different challenges to overcoming chronic disease. So the question arises, how do we heal? True healing is achieved when the root cause of disease is determined and the underlying conflicts within the body are resolved. Promoting harmony between the body and mind is an essential component of this process. Many systems of medicine throughout history have recognized the critical importance of the connection between mental emotional wellbeing and the health of the physical body. Psychosomatic energetics, developed by German physician Reimar Banis, is a system of medicine that takes a unique perspective on healing and disease. It is based upon the notion that the cause of disease is often hidden deep within unresolved emotional conflicts, the most important of which is termed the “central conflict.” Inner conflicts not only disrupt the proper functioning of the nervous system, but also shape a person’s behavior and character and can determine how they feel physically. Past emotional traumas that represent a negative experience or conflict are repressed and stored in the subconscious, robbing us of our energy supply. As this conflict is stored, it promotes a repetitive behavioral pattern where a person can feel stuck energetically with an emotional theme such as fear, anger, or grief, and disease symptoms can manifest in the physical realm. In order for health to occur there must be a harmonious balance between subtle energy, also referred to as the life force, or qi in Chinese medicine, and the mind and body. Emotional conflicts are blocks at the level of the subtle energy, and so it is determined in the system of psychosomatic energetics, that energy medicine is needed to clear them. Psychosomatic energetics is currently practiced by hundreds of therapists in many different countries throughout the world. It is influenced historically by Chinese medicine and acupuncture, Indian ayurveda and yoga therapy, Bach flower remedies and homeopathy, as well as the ancient Greek system of medicine, traditional Shamanism, and psychoanalysis. Utilizing the ancient Indian understanding of the energy centers within the body known as the chakras, a simple muscle test can be done to determine where an energy block from a stored trauma is located within the body. A clinician will then prescribe a unique blend of complex energetic remedies to clear these blocks and promote cellular homeostasis and detoxification. Psychosomatic energetic therapy has shown many profound clinical results including:

  • Greater ability to cope with stress
  • Stimulation of the self-healing mechanism of the body
  • Improved self-esteem and empowerment
  • The disappearance of certain physical symptoms or complaints over time.
  • Increased response to psychotherapy

Identifying and treating blocked energy patterns in the body is an essential first step to the resolution of chronic disease. Profound healing becomes possible through the examination and treatment of the relationship between body and mind. REFERENCE Banis, Reimar M.D. Psychosomatic Energetics A Manual for Therapists.

Goals of Psychosomatic Energetics:

The main goal of PSE is to re-normalize the patient’s energy readings. To do this, the readings are first measured with the aid of a special REBA Test Device. Next, the conflicts are tested, their contents discussed, and then dissolved using homeopathic compound remedies.

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Therapy usually takes several months. Studies of the treatment of over 500 patients have shown that, after 8-15 months of therapy, a healing success rate of 80-85% can be achieved. This includes especially symptoms and ailments that are generally regarded as therapy-resistant, such as chronic pain, exhaustion states and so-called somatoform disorders. PSE can also be put to use prophylactically. For instance, the Austrian pedagogue Gerlinde Paukert treats healthy children and teenagers using PSE and has come to the conclusion that, after therapy, they’re on a more even keel, learn better and have a better connection with their social group.

You do NOT have to be sick to benefit from PSE! In fact, its much better to be proactive & treat yourself before health issues arise.

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