“The Dragonfly … As long as it’s wings are balanced and working in perfect harmony,
it can move in any direction it chooses”. The same is true for you!

“The Dragonfly Effect” is a life changing program developed by Dr. Martha Reed to help you easily eliminate emotional undercurrents of the past, transcend limiting beliefs and situations, empower you to shift your vibration from heavy to light, getting you out of the muck and into the air!

Take a moment right now to imagine just how different the future you would feel shedding all that, you may even try stretching your arms out and notice just how easy it feels to breath in that new space.

Dr. Martha believes the power to heal lies within and it’s in the littlest shifts that make the biggest difference. In this program, she’ll provide expert insights for life and teach you to use the power of vibration as medicine.

Are you ready to get the muck out of your way? Are you ready to fly with ease and grace? Are you ready to live your life by design?

I’d love to take that journey with you!
♥ Dr. Martha