Holistic Chakra Balancing and the Power of Color Therapy

Holistic Chakra Balancing and the Power of Color Therapy

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Publisher: Wings Of Wisdom Publishing; First edition (January, 2014)

Language: English

Holistic Chakra Balancing and the Power of Color Therapy brings readers a stimulating and informative exploration into the power of color, resulting in the ability to combine the two for improved health, well-being and personal fulfillment.

The first section of the book discusses Chakras – the seven vital energy centers of the human body that control myriad aspics of our physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Dr. Martha Reed, quickly becoming a foremost expert of on the therapeutic use of balancing chakras, provides readers the opening to a powerful path for healing and spiritual growth.
The second section is for those who study the effects of color on your life. Have you been looking for pertinent information that reinforces what you have previously discovered? Reed directly and simply discusses our energy centers and provides basic explanations regarding the effects color has on the body. It is an important resource for someone just learning about color energies, as well as those who already have a basic understanding and want more.
There is no longer any question about the impact of color as it interacts with the human energy system. Combining the ability to balance our Chakras and drawing on the power of Color Therapy is invaluable in stabilizing mental, emotional, spiritual and physical conditions. Covering basic color concepts, Dr. Martha Reed also covers myriad important areas of reference – outlining the conscious use of color to influence ourselves to promote health and well-being, while leading readers to more in-depth study of several disciplines.
The book is invaluable to those relatively new to the study of chakras; without much effort, readers will understand the language of energy and discover signs of imbalance. In that discovery, they will also understand how to work with the energy of the body to best manage personal healing and enhance spiritual awareness.

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Holistic Chakra Balancing and the Power of Color Therapy


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