Join Martha Reed in a fun filled evening of creating, clearing and claiming our power Dragonfly Medicine piece!


March will be Full Specturm – Empowers Chakra 0 through 8. We will be working with the Gemstone colors of Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Purple and clear.

Each piece will include Gemstones, Genuine Swarovski crystals and a dragonfly!

Fee $50 – Please Register

In this class Martha Reed will be helping you create and design your very own Gemstone Chakra Wire Wrap Bracelet.

We will be teaching about how the gemstones will work with the the chakras, she will talk about the benefits of each stone and also how powerful the energy will be because you are the creator!

Martha Reed will teach of the medicine within it, and before class energetically charge, clear and empower the stones and the copper we will be working with.

THE DRAGONFLY represents emergence and taking flight. It teaches us how to live in the moment, transparent, light and free …

COLOR IS one of the languages of the soul & influence our moods & emotions. They have an impact on our well-being & affect our way of perception. They influence the flow & energy in our bodies. Here we will bridge two balancing colors using Crystals and Gemstones associated with our Chakra life force helping us align, clear, heal and empower our being.

COPPER IS a healing metal and a conductor of energy. We use it as an amplifier, the combination allows the Crystals and Gemstones to be of the highest vibration when worn.

Each piece is handmade and one of a kind as stones will very in size and shape Created by Martha Reed ~ Inspired by Spirit ~ Empowered by Mother Earth!